Positive Plate Program: September 2023

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Positive Plate Program

Improve your relationship with food, build healthy habits and gain nutrition confidence with my Positive Plate Program. This 12 week course focuses on building sustainable healthy habits instead of short-term fixes.

This group’s start date will be Saturday, September 2, 2023.

Group Discussions will be Wednesday Nights at 8 pm MST. All groups discussions will be recorded and available on the private discussion board. Once enrolled in the course, you’ll have access to the discussion board.

What we will cover in this course:

  • Lesson 1: The Power of Positive: Why we add versus subtract and the power of positive mindset
  • Lesson 2: How To Build Sustainable Habits: The 4Rs
  • Lesson 3: Nutrition Basics: Macronutrients and Micronutrients.
  • Lesson 4: + Fruits and Vegetables
  • Lesson 5: Balancing Protein: How much and how often
  • Lesson 6: + Healthy Fats and Whole Grains
  • Lesson 7: Hydration
  • Lesson 8: Setting Yourself Up For Success
  • Lesson 9: Understanding Nutrition Research
  • Lesson 10: Eating Mindfully
  • Lesson 11: Hunger and Fullness Cues
  • Lesson 12: Patterns vs Perfection

What to expect from me:

  • New lesson plans each week
    • These will be less than 30 minutes
    • Each lesson will have an action plan/assignment and a mini quiz at the end.
  • Weekly check-in emails
    • Tell me how the week is going, ask me any questions, and report on your action plan.
    • I am here to support you!
  • Virtual group calls via zoom
    • I’ll ask about each persons action plan and 1 positive win from the week.
    • Brainstorm around barriers (as a group we will help each other think through barriers)
    • Q&A: I’ll answer questions submitted via email or in real time.

What I expect from you:

  • Complete weekly lessons 1-2 days after they release
  • Set your weekly action plan and do your best to complete those actions each day.
  • Check-in with yourself each day with the Daily Reflection Page
  • Participate during the group coaching call.
  • Complete surveys to foster program improvement.
  • Keep a positive mindset.

I can’t wait to work with you!

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