The Best Money I May Have Ever Spent On Myself

The Positive Plate Program is the best!!! The first lesson sets the stage for developing a sound and sustainable pattern for eating, exercising, and maintaining a positive mind set. I loved learning that every food has a purpose and a place in our lives. The program gives you the knowledge and ability to recognize what your body needs, how much your body needs, and why your body needs it. Each of the 12 lesson gives you a tool to add to your tool belt. When life gets crazy and you face barriers, you’re better equipped to tackle the challenges that come. A few specific things I have learned that have been game changers for me include: pairing foods to satisfy hunger, the benefits of resistant starches, and never restricting yourself from any food. I feel like anyone and everyone can benefit from the Positive Plate Program. It is reasonably priced and the best money I may have ever spent on myself. Not only has it benefited me, but my family is also eating better and in a sustainable way. I feel like I can do this forever. It is not hard! Learning to make small changes over time adds up to being happy, healthy, and in control of your body and mind.

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