Heartily Recommend

I recently completed Megan’s Positive Plate Program and very much enjoyed it.  As a diabetic and someone who has struggled with my weight for several years, I was skeptical when my daughters recommended I try Megan’s program.  Afterall, I had tried everything and felt like I knew everything and had already determined that nothing would ever work for me! I did an individual program, which meant I had a one on one call with Megan every week and I learned so much.  Megan is not only very knowledgeable, but she is refreshingly positive about food and the role it plays in our lives.  She understands the psychological effects food has upon us and how we can break free of unhealthy habits which have been holding us back.  She encourages small, positive weekly changes which help you build a better relationship with food and adopt a more healthy lifestyle.  Her weekly lessons and advice are informative and helpful.  I gradually found myself changing, not because I was forced to, but because I wanted to.  I felt better and viewed food in a whole different way.  Her program helped me make healthy changes in a positive way.  Instead of taking away from what I was eating and feeling restricted, her approach was to add more healthy food.  She really encourages baby steps which are easily obtainable, but soon these baby steps turn into big changes! She gives you many ideas on how to improve and change not only your diet but also your physical activity and your overall sense of well being.  If you have a chance to work with Megan I would heartily recommend you do so!

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