Free of the ‘diet’ mindset that kept me stuck and struggling for so long! 

I had just turned 50 when I met Megan and the brief initial conversation we had, immediately showed me what a breath of fresh air she is!  I had been struggling with my relationship to food for several years and had become totally lost in the ‘only eat this’ world of dieting.  Megan’s sound nutritional advice became the voice that would lead me out of that mess and onto a path where I no longer had constant ‘food noise’ and could finally listen to my own body and pay attention to what it was trying to communicate with me.  Through weekly phone calls with Megan, I have experienced huge changes not only in how I feel – more energy, more clarity, more calm – but also in being able to understand exactly what my body is doing, why and what I can do to help it (her depth of knowledge is amazing and she explains complicated biological matters so effortlessly!)  Megan’s nutrional approach to eating, is one that begins with kindness to ourselves, calm choices around ALL foods and always asking what can we add to a meal to make it more nutritious, has been the type of guidance I wish for everyone.  Food should be enjoyed, preferably shared with people we love, but most importantly – the fuel to allow us to go out there and live a great life!  I am so thankful that Megan has put me back in a place where I can view food this way again and am free of the ‘diet’ mindset that kept me stuck and struggling for so long!

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