Free and Confident

I really can’t say enough wonderful things about this program. I feel like I’ve been stuck in food prison for many years and I was finally able to break chains and be set free with Megan’s help. I still have so much more to work on and I’m not where I want to be yet in terms of how I feel about certain foods and my habits, but I am sure that with time and practice, I will be able to master skills and be 100% confident in how I am choosing to nourish my body. The best part for me was learning about the mindful part of eating. I love fruits and vegetables and “eating healthy” is not as hard for me but my issues are in the power I give food, food rules and how I feel around food in general. I was to the point that I felt stressed about pretty much everything I ate. Through this program I have so much more confidence and way less stress around food. To me, that is such a gift. Thank you Megan, this program was a God send!

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