Want to gain nutrition confidence and improve your food habits? Apply to join my 12 week program. This program focuses on the positive and ADDing to the diet instead of rigidity and restriction.

What’s included?

  • 12 weeks of learning with weekly online modules
    • Understand the basics about nutrition + why and how to add positive nutrition to your eating patterns
  • Action plans to build new habits using the science of the 4Rs
  • Private group channel for communication to improve collaboration and accountability
  • Weekly group coaching and check-ins with Megan

No more falling for fad diets and strict short lived food rules. This program is all about empowering you to gain nutrition knowledge, confidence, and the tools to help you thrive for the rest of your life! I created this program, not because I want you to EAT like me, but because I want you to FEEL the way I do around food–joyful, confident, and empowered! Let’s work together to add positive nutrition to your life!

Price : $299.00